iPhone Data Recovery

In iPhone or any other device works on iOS, loss of data can be caused by physical or logical damage to NAND flash memory. In order to recover these issues, SSD-based tools are extremely complex to understand and can do almost nothing to identify storage media of iOS. Most of us believe that SSD techniques can process and store huge amount of data in iOS based devices. But reality is that these devices are using NAND storage technology for data storage. Once infection occurs on your iPhone due to any reason, all of your important data can be damaged or lost. This way, iPhone Data Recovery software can recover lost data into its original stage. Meanwhile it can also extract lost or spoiled data from backup. This is why, iPhone Data Recovery tool has become the first choice of all iPad, iPod and iPhone users.


Why iPhone Data Recovery Software Is Best?

Works in Two Modules of Data Recovery: Whether your data files are mistakenly removed or lost because of smashed, failed jailbreak or upgrade, or while synching to iCloud or iTunes, you can still recover the data from your iPhone. This recovery software works on two recovery modes – “Recovery from Backup Files” and “Recovery from iOS based Device”.

a. Recovery from iOS Based Device:
In this module, the software performs deep scan and recovers lost or damaged data directly from your iPhone. It doesn’t need any backup file. When your files are deleted unintentionally or when your device has encountered problem with software or hardware failure, this is extremely helpful.

b. Recovery from Backup Files:
It restores your device from last backup files from iTunes. Its simplicity and swiftness may impress you. In this module, you can extract your previous data and retrieve it from backup files of iTunes. From iTunes backup, you can extract all the data like contacts, text messages, photos, call logs, songs and voice memo.

Preview Lost Files and Recovers Different Kinds of Data :The software is so powerful that it can effectively recover damaged data from iOS based device. When iOS media is detected by the software, the logical structure of flash memory will be scanned by it. About all formats are restored by this program like photos, music, movies, contacts, text message, call history, notes, calendar and etc.

Recovers in All Cases:In your iPhone device, your important data can be lost due to one of several causes, making it impossible to recover back that data. Due to unique and different features of iOS from commonly-found file structures, normal data recovery applications cannot perform successful recovery in your iOS device. But iPhone Data Recovery is programmed basically for all the devices which work on iOS. It doesn’t matter you lost data due to jailbreak failure or smashed, crashed, broken or damaged iPhone, this program can work wonder.


•Supports iPhone6, iPhone5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS and more.

•Supports iOS versions of iOS 6.1, iOS 6.0, iOS 5.0, iOS 4.0.

•Compatible to iPad 2, iPad 1, iPad Mini and New iPad.

Free Trial Version Available. Download Now!

Download and install iPhone Data Recovery tool from here to recover your lost, deleted or formatted iPhone data. Free version is embedded with full features rather than to save data, but user can see all of your recover data in free version, it is listed in preview items. So enjoy free trial version first.