Files Recovery Tool

Files Recovery ToolWhen a file is removed from system, only marked reference of data in Master File Table or FAT is deleted, not content. It means, you still can recover it back and get it shown again on file system.

With Files Recovery Tool, you can scan and retrieve songs, movies, documents or pictures from formatted or damaged volumes of FAT or NTFS file systems. This tool will perform scan on your hard disk and index all the deleted and existing folders and files on selected logical drive. When scanning is done, you can choose file(s) to recover in your desired destination.

Files Recovery Tool gives you preview of all the deleted or lost files before recovering them. When it comes to recover image, the software can preview recoverable files of different extensions, including GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, ICO, PCX, TIF, WBMP, TGA, JP2, WMF, JBG, J2K, PNM, PGX, CUR, RAS and etc. To recover text files, it shows files of TXT, INI, LOG, XML, CSS, BAT, RTF and other extensions.

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Features of Files Recovery Tool

Archived, Encrypted, Compressed and Hidden File Recovery: Not just regular data files, but File Recovery Tool also recovers hidden, sparse, archived, compressed and encrypted files. Encrypting File System (EPS) was launched by Windows 2000 to support encryption of files. EPS is a service which is capable to encrypt/decrypt folders and files for applications and user transparency. Without decoding the encrypted file’s content, File Recovery Tool takes the copy of entire file content in raw mode.

Alternate Data Streams (ADS) Recovery: About one file stream is present in all files of NTFS file system, which is also known as unidentified $DATA stream that has actual file data. Usually metadata related to file is included in alternate streams. For instance, MP3 may have unidentified stream in which more than one streams and data are stored like album name, author name and composition genre. From the Alternate streams, the original content of data is useful information which is recovered. It also recovers metadata of files.

Recovery of Documents, Images & Movies Etc: File Recovery Tool is capable to handle files of all sizes, types and other attributes. This software is capable to recover the content of removed files efficiently. Along with some common file types (MOV, MPG, or AVI for movies and JPG, BMP and PNG for images), it also recovers files of other extensions successfully.

Recovery to Remote Network Drive, Hard Drive or Flash Drive: File Recovery Tool is capable to recover network drive, flash drive or local hard drive. Even, File Recovery Tool provides option to recover all the deleted items on the original destination. However, you should recover all your lost files at any other network drive, hard drive or Flash drive to enhance the probability of file recovery success. If you recover data on the drive where it was originally located before getting deleted, it is more prone to permanent loss of your data.


File Recovery Tool is compatible to Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Xp, and Windows Server 2003.

Support Data Recovery From IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA, PEN, ZIP, SD Cards, Memory Cards and USB drives

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